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We are offering a 10% referral fee to anyone recommending Zumm to a friend, family member or colleague which results in a project.

How It Works / Terms

  • Fill out the following form to allow us to know who has been referred.
  • We’ll keep you informed with the project progress and when you might expect the payment.
  • A maximum 10% fee is to be paid out per client – people referring the same client will either share the fee or we decide it on who referred first.
  • The company being referred cannot be owned by the referrer.
  • The 10% commission will be paid when Zumm has been paid in full for the project.
  • The commission fee is for the first project with the client, and not for subsequent projects or retained work.
  • The commission rate is based on in-house service time, and doesn’t include external project costs such as advertising and hosting etc.
  • This referral scheme is only for referrals made after 01/06/2012
  • When referring a lead we need to be informed before the project has started.
  • The referral fee cannot be used in conjunction with sub-contracting rates, as they are in effect the same offer.
  • The referral fee cannot be used in conjunction with other standard or donation referrals.

Referral Form

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