Brand Design

A grand brand

Your brand image is how people view your company, its operations, personnel, products, and customer service. If your brand is not giving the right messages or failing in customer service, people will buy into other brands that give them more confidence.

Your brand identity is how you want people to view your product or service; the promises it makes, benefits, attributes, quality and customer service.

The first step we take when building or developing a brand is to see where your business needs to be situated in the marketplace and who your target customer is, we then work on this information making sure that the designs are focused on this. This approach will provide you with relevant creative design that works.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a vital aspect of your brand identity, as it is the visual part of your company, product or service, displayed on business cards, letterheads, brochures, advertising and web sites. The corporate identity should sum up what your company provides and its core values, in a neat, well thought out package using the right colours, fonts, graphical images and strap line.

Logo Design

The company logo design is the first point of the corporate identity package, and is the best opportunity to make a lasting impression by representing all the positive aspects of your product or service.

Once a company has a strong logo design, this concept can be used across all marketing materials, including web design, to promote an integrated, consistent and unique image enforcing the corporate identity.