Let’s talk marketing rock n roll

Are you a company who wants to drift down the business highway in the slow lane, with occasional forays into the middle lane to nod you out of your snooze?

Or do you want to achieve the dizzying delights of high energy traffic in the fast lane, and really get to where you want to go in terms of your business goals?

If you are truly ambitious about expanding your company let us tell you how.

You do need a combined organic SEO / Search Engine Marketing approach.

Put it this way.

While organic Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for any business seeking to expand via the power of the internet, and we put great store in it: SEO content, site optimisation and development.

In terms of our SEO services, however, it is only one part of what we can do for you.

Organic search visits offer an element of trust and connectivity, branding authenticity, connecting you direct with online surfers, who are searching, well, for you.

A great organic search campaign is critical but when combined with online advertising, such as PPC and forms of internet marketing such as Social Media Networking the sky really is the limit for your business.

Consider these benefits of PPC advertising:

  • Immediate exposure high on Google to those seeking exactly what you do.
  • Great ROI, depending on your budget the more you put in the greater your gains.
  • Complete flexibility and control over the amount you spend, where and when.

If you have all that targeted traffic to your site directed from PPC and other sorts of online advertising and you have a well edited, optimised and maintained website, then bingo.

Say hello to lots of new business

Then there’s the benefits of Social Medial Optimisation (SMO).

So much is being talked about right now in terms of Social Media Marketing.

It’s like you just have to open that Facebook, Twitter account or blog and hey presto.


It takes lots of time and work and strategy but more important than anything: genuine commitment, authenticity and inspiration.

Yes the benefits of Social Media Marketing can be impressive

Social media is transforming the way many of us do business, expanding our horizons in ways, especially in terms of niche marketing, that can go far beyond that of organic search engine traffic.

The Facebook community alone is gigantic. On account of its membership numbers it would be the third largest country in the world by population right now.

Social Media Marketing is a huge market and all you need to do to start is say hello, start connecting and have great communications, but too many people are rushing in with sloppy ideas and content, and doing more harm than good.

Twitter like Google will bar you if your aggressive marketing gets up its nose and for many companies operating social media accounts for business, they are simply wasting their time by not connecting in the right manner to the right people with content and dialogue that can really help their business thrive.

You need someone who categorically understands social media and will apply a highly developed and thought through approach based on your individual requirements.

Also one that is 100 per cent genuine, inspired and committed to helping you achieve the tangible benefits for your business that you crave, whether it be branding credibility, new sales, ad conversions, new partnerships and collaborations, staff recruitment or whatever.

Social Media Marketing is a massive topic and at Zumm we are embracing this social business revolution big time.

You can find out more about our wider Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing approach at our Twitter Marketing, Facebook Marketing and Social Media Marketing pages.

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The same goes for our other marketing and SEO services which can be developed into a fully integrated Search Engine Marketing package for you, including link building, SEO PR campaigns, article marketing and other forms of online advertising and internet marketing that can really ramp up your business online.

We understand the power of a fully cohesive and far reaching social media, search marketing and SEO policy.

If you are becoming alert to the benefits of the multiple marketing opportunities currently available online or are someone who is just dissatisfied with their current Search Engine Marketing provider, why not contact Zumm and let us help you get to where you want to be?

By integrating all the major SEO and online marketing strategies together to promote your business via the web, and having one agency handle the whole caboodle, you can enjoy all the benefits that are available to you, including increased traffic, conversions and better branding integrity.

If you want to reach the fast lane, you need our customised SEM services

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