Blog Marketing

Effective SEO blog marketing

Blog marketing can have many benefits for your business website or non-profit making website’s internet performance.

Blogging & blog marketing can provide:

  • Customer Interaction – Get closer to your customers. Speak to them and receive feedback.
  • Business Intelligence – You will learn more about your customers and your own business once you start to blog.
  • Brand Building – Bring your website up-to-date. Create a more engaging, up-to-date brand identity.
  • Business Growth – Reach a wider audience, as well as more specialised, dedicated customers.

We can provide a comprehensive SEO blog marketing strategy built around your website’s overall Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Zumm provides a full range of blog marketing services

Zumm offers complete SEO blog marketing services, including blog article writing, blog set up and blog management.

  • We can help you develop a blog marketing strategy via a blog which is part of your existing website.
  • We can develop and manage custom built new blog platforms, either bespoke blogging solutions developed in-house or blogs developed from open source software such as WordPress, Blogger or others.
  • We can provide highly targeted SEO blog articles, based on relevant keyword research and consultation regarding your marketing objectives.

What is a blog?

The format for a blog is journal/diary style, a regularly updated web page which is time dated and lends itself to news, events, regular observations and commentary. Blogging is often quite personal and opinionated and has multiple uses from a content point of view, including video and digital content; as well as the aforementioned diary writing and updates.

Blogs & Web Marketing Strategy

Blogs have developed in recent years from an alternative culture set up and maintained as essentially personal journals and social networking mediums into fully fledged internet marketing tools. Blogs have become mainstream and are now used by major companies and organisations for a wide range of communications, including business marketing, branding, social networking, customer feedback; as corporate news sites, industry news pages and more.

Zumm – Blog Marketing Services

Maintaining a blog can be time consuming and so for business purposes it is common to employ a third party to operate your blog for you.

Better still if it is integrated into your wider marketing strategy.

At Zumm we will be happy to develop and run a blog marketing campaign for you.

We can take up an existing blog for you and manage it in conjunction with your SEO marketing campaign.

We can set up a blog for you and maintain it.

We can develop multiple blogs for whatever business purpose you require.

Why get serious about blogging for your business website?

Advantages of running a blog or blogs on your site are:

  • Regular updated content will attract new site visitors to your blog and by association your main website.
  • Sell yourself. Blogs are personal. Personal sells. It’s a well-known sales technique that works. It’s also an opportunity for you to be yourself and distinguish your own brand identity.
  • Google and the other search engines like blogs. Why? Because the content is up-to-date and usually original and they like the software which is simple, versatile and technically elegant. Blogs make for a more interesting world wide web.
  • Blogs reach speciality search queries. They are often indexed in speciality blog search engine results. The end result means potential new, relevant and targeted customers for your site.
  • Blogs are fun and interactive. People like to read them, comment on the posts, interact and share information.
  • A blog is a great way of telling people what you are up to, marketing your services, communicating with clients, customers and business partners and colleagues.
  • Blogs are a great way of showing customers you are up-to-date and informed. You can show site visitors you are abreast of the latest trends and developments in your business area.
  • Blogs can deliver regular news updates on your site, whether it be company news: new contracts, awards, achievements or wider industry news.
  • Blogs offer a great feel good factor. They are good for promoting good relations amongst your staff and clients.
  • Blogs are link friendly and part of their own sub-culture, or the sub-net as it was once known, on the web. If you develop an interesting, unique and relevant blog you could develop multiple relevant back links to your site. Not just from other blogs, but even from authority sites such as trade magazines, major industry websites. The advantages of this can be impressive – with increased rankings, traffic and conversions.

These are just some of the advantages of a successful blog marketing strategy.

Why consider Zumm for your blog marketing programme?

Skills & Experience

  • Our blog marketing professionals are skilled in all forms of open source blogging software as well as developing purpose built blogs from a design, development and management point of view.
  • Blogs are fun but they are also laborious to update and maintain on a regular basis and also if they are not managed professionally they can be counter-productive and damaging to your brand and online performance.
  • Our blog writers include qualified journalists, copywriters and industry specialists who can provide highly creative, original posts for your site if you require. Our blog article writers can provide professional business corporate communications or friendly, informal blog posts. As always, everything we do is tailored around your business and SEO online marketing goals.

Effective Results

  • Our SEO bloggers are available to provide fully optimised SEO blog posts. Each blog update can be uniquely optimised for SEO purposes, to ensure your blog maximises its traffic potential.
  • Our blog content updates are very flexible. They can be provided to you in batches for you to update as you prefer or on a more regular basis. Or they can be regularly updated and uploaded on to your site by us as part of our blog management service.
  • Blog marketing can provide a valuable return on investment for the relatively small outlay involved with the setting up and management of a blog, especially if you follow a blog strategy which is designed to deliver traffic and other benefits.
  • We can extend your blog marketing link building strategy for you as part of a wider online social media marketing campaign. By commenting on other interactive sites via your blog – you will be creating more links back to your own website and engagement with other potential customers and traffic sources.

Complete Services

  • At Zumm we have highly creative and business savvy teams of blog experts available to handle all your blog marketing requirements. We can build and develop highly bespoke blogs from a technical and design point of view. These can be minimal and discrete with mainly written content updates or visually led blogs with full integration of social media, digital video and photography, audio and other multi-media and interactive digital features.
  • Blog marketing strategy can be part of developing a niche marketing online strategy and can also be linked to a multi-channel marketing strategy.
  • Every aspect of our blog marketing service, including blog marketing strategy and development, is available to achieve results for you.

Do not hesitate to contact Zumm if you require blog marketing services.