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Our Facebook marketing will help your business succeed

With our marketing help your products & services can spread like wildfire on Facebook.

We provide tailor-made Facebook marketing services for your small, medium or large business as part of our wider range of social media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation services.

We can provide effective Facebook marketing strategy and services built around your website’s overall Search Engine Optimisation strategy, and developed in accordance with your overall aims and objectives.

Why not let your business enjoy the benefits of an effective Facebook marketing campaign?

What we can do for you:

We can help you:

  • Build a Facebook community and connect with your audience via promotions, competitions and good old conversations.
  • Set goals and targets for your Facebook marketing campaign.
  • Cut through the jargon and reach new social media savvy customers.
  • Discover the benefits of a long-term social media strategy.
  • Experience the benefits of interactive digital media.
  • Learn more about multi-channel marketing and widening your marketing base.
  • Use Facebook to develop niche or mainstream marketing campaigns.
  • Experiment with new ideas and products via your Facebook community.
  • Find new ways to build business relationships.

Benefits of our Facebook marketing

Our Facebook Marketing strategy is based on a purely organic approach to social media marketing, in line with all our SEO / SEM strategies and services.

For your Facebook marketing to reap benefits you need a Facebook account connected to your business which is genuine and communicates authentically on subjects of real interest to real people.

If we manage your Facebook marketing strategy we will not create anything on your Facebook account that is not valuable in some way to your Facebook community and your wider target audiences.

With our Facebook strategy you’ll:

  1. Engage and retain existing customers
  2. Improve your business profile online
  3. Reach new target audiences

Why Facebook marketing?

Facebook is a very popular social media networking website community launched in 2004. In fact it is the most popular social media network in the world. As of 2011 it has more than 600 million networked users.

That is an enormous market for any business, individual or organisation to connect with, and provides fantastic potential for high value cross channel marketing, promotions, PR, branding, etc.

Why us?

At Zumm Facebook and other social media are second nature to us. We understand Facebook and how it works, we intuitively get it and as such we can manage your Facebook pages or advise you on how to be natural on Facebook.

But we also approach Facebook marketing, like any social media marketing campaign we are involved in, in a very strategic way, creating only interactive features, content and cross promotions that have proven benefits and will be highly effective for your purposes.

It does not matter if you are a commercial business, a non-profit organisation, or anyone else seeking to spread their message and connect with either niche or mainstream audiences.

Facebook marketing handled in the correct way can help you achieve your goals and create a brighter future for your business.

Sample strategy & ideas

  • Research your community, your target audiences and create content fit for purpose.
  • Make use of any existing marketing info for your customers but don’t forget wider social and media trends.
  • Think big. What’s hot for your customers right now not yesterday. Don’t forget seasonal trends, issues being ignited by current affairs, politics, celebrity culture and fashion.
  • Be personal. Use content that speaks directly to a single person not just a group.
  • Make it easier for your Facebook community to share your content with plugins and buttons.
  • Use Facebook advertising – this can be a very affordable and highly effective option.
  • Let Facebook generate leads with a newsletter sign up or even something more innovative.
  • Add inspirational content that really touches people and encourages them to connect, start conversations and spread the word.
  • You have to be pretty cool to understand Facebook – snappy messages, slick language and imagery can often be appropriate.
  • Make your content interesting and vibrant – both written content and digital video and other media.
  • Interact with competitions, surveys, quizzes, fun stuff but strategically developed.
  • Cross connect with other social media – blogging, Twitter, your websites and other networking and social bookmarking sites.
  • Use SEO opportunities to maximise Facebook with links or directions to your website.
  • Ask questions – by asking questions of your Facebook community you are involved in a two way conversation which is the basis for rapport, trust and any good relationship business or otherwise.
  • Develop a different Facebook strategy dependent on your target audiences, whether you are a b2b or b2c or non-profit community.
  • Maximise existing content – your newsletter photos, previous achievements, anything you already have which can used online to maximum effect.

3 steps

  1. Build trust
  2. Build traffic
  3. Build sales

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Effective Facebook marketing takes a lot of time and resources, and to be truly effective it needs genuine, priceless ideas and inspirational content.

Fortunately at Zumm our creative team are clued in to what makes Facebook tick and enjoy producing great Facebook campaigns to maximise clients’ market reach.

If you need an experienced social media marketing team with their finger on the pulse why not connect your Facebook marketing strategy with Zumm?

We offer a mix of tried and trusted Facebook techniques as well truly innovative strategies designed solely for your campaign.