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Professional link building For SEO

Our link building services are based on an understanding of natural internet communications and follow Google guidelines and sensible best practices.

That’s why they are successful.

  1. Search engine ranking algorithms place high importance on the value of links between websites, especially incoming links.
  2. Intelligent link building can increase rankings for your website and attract more site visitors.
  3. Professional link building services can help bring greater numbers of targeted visitors to your site, the types of people who are actively seeking your services.

If you want an organic attitude to link building which is focused on quality of implementation and quality of results, do not hesitate to contact us.

Or read on to find out more about the importance of link building as well as our customised and highly advanced approach.

Intelligent link building

All aspects of our link building service involve a sensitive consideration of any link which we develop for your site, whether it be an internal link between pages or a link from an external site.

Our attitude to link building is based on:

  • Solid keyword research
  • Business intelligence
  • Creativity & analysis
  • Detailed reporting
  • Experience & innovation
  • Customer satisfaction

We provide a very professional service, keeping customers regularly informed about the progress of their link building campaigns.

Ethical link building

Our overriding interest is in forming ethical business relationships.

If your only experience of a link building service is spam in your inbox from self-styled marketeers, do not be put off, because a professional link building service is available that can have great benefits for your website.

A link building service based on genuine insight into your business goals and the motivations that lead people to consider choosing your products or services.

What are links?

Links, or hyperlinks to give them their full name, are navigation sign posts between web pages. Links enable the World Wide Web to work as it does, directing readers to information between pages on individual sites or guiding people between sites.

  • Links can be internal page links or between sites.
  • Links can direct people to content on the same page.
  • Links can be created by either text or images.

The other major way to describe links is they can be either incoming or outbound, i.e. links directed into your site or away from it.

Why are links important?

It is well established that the quality and amount of links, especially incoming links from leading websites, can have an enormous bearing on the performance of any individual website in terms of search engine results, increased traffic and the delivery of higher rankings.

How does it work?

As search engines crawl and index your site they are looking for indicators as to what your site is about. Links enable Google to make decisions about how important or relevant your site is for a certain keyword theme. They also help Google make decisions on how individual pages on your site should be ranked in the search engine results.

To put it simply, quality links and a high number of quality links tells Google you are a popular, quality site and can help ensure your site ranks appropriately.

As a result, an intelligent link building service, while not being the whole picture, can have a tremendous impact on a Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

What about internal links?

The importance of links in SEO is numerous. They can have a great impact on how site visitors find their way around your site and find information. In marketing terms, potential customers can be directed to your contact page or other important pages of your site, helping to develop higher conversion rates and sales enquiries.

Links between pages on your website can also have a useful bearing on the performance of your website: helping to generate higher rankings for certain pages and directing visitor numbers via the web to priority pages.

Internal links can also help to improve the overall rankings of priority keywords for your site.

What is link building?

Link building is a programme of activities designed to generate useful links between websites and pages, to help improve rankings, traffic and conversions.

Our link building professionals are available for:

  • SEO friendly inbound link creation
  • Thematic linking services (very important)
  • Keyword oriented article creation
  • Blog postings
  • Online press releases
  • Local classified links
  • Local Google listings
  • Online directory links
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Business networking
  • Link building requests
  • Internal linking structures
  • Outgoing linking strategy
  • Reciprocal and one way link building
  • Link building for all business sectors

We have got it all covered and we ensure that all links are quality search engine indexed links from sites that are of a premium standard in terms of search engine status, relevance and are all first-rate sites that people will actually wish to visit.

Link building advice

Firstly, sound advice about link building: always be careful when employing anyone to carry out a link building service because the wrong types of links, including links from inappropriate sites, can be useless or at worst damaging to your website’s performance.

Always employ a reputable link builder – the same goes for any SEO service provider – who will keep you informed of the impact of any link building and provide evidence of the quality of links that are being created.

Google offers guidelines on links via its webmaster services if you need to find out more.

Our approach

At Zumm we have a very detailed and in depth understanding of link building and believe in the concept of quality over quantity.

At all times we follow Google’s best practice on link building and SEO in general.

Our link building service involves a thoughtful evaluation of any link which we develop for your site, based on advanced business intelligence and careful keyword analysis.

At Zumm we can tailor a successful link building service to your exact business requirements and keyword choices; and by continually reviewing the status of your website links we can ensure only good things are happening to your site in terms of rankings and traffic acquisition.

Our SEO link building service

Our SEO link building service can take many forms.

Our link building strategy can include directory submissions online, link requests & link exchanges from quality sites, forum and blog comments, social media set up like Twitter and blogging platforms as well as link building press releases and newsletters.

Rest assured Zumm offers a highly organised and bespoke SEO link building service. Our ongoing reports and analysis will show you progress of your link building campaign as well as enabling us to modify and adapt campaigns to improve performance.

The first thing we can do is assess your website’s current links and develop areas for improving.

We only develop links that use appropriate professionally written anchor text and SEO friendly link phrases. Any link must have a high degree of relevance to the theme of the SEO link building campaign for your website for it to be considered.

Highly developed methodologies

We are wary of the value of some link exchanges but if that is decided as a strategy we ensure that any link building request will be highly targeted and professionally, individually and respectfully written and we ensure they are in the mutual interest of the other party too. We never issue a repeat link request.

Over and above everything else we keep you informed. Our other essential free advice on link building as a starting point for any organisation or individual considering link building for their site, is that you should be highly specific and choose only the best quality sites (reputable organisations) with superior, relevant content, including minimal or zero advertising or at best tasteful and non-aggressive use of advertising.

Find out more?

This link building page provides only an overview of our professional attitude to link building and our accomplishments in this field.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or even just an informal chat about how our link building service can help your business.

Note: Our link building professionals will be driven and competitive when it comes to developing a successful link building campaign for your website.

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.