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We can implement, manage and monitor your paid Search Engine Marketing campaign, providing regular reporting and insights into performance.

We place huge importance on delivering a cost-effective service, maximising your ad spend through careful keyword analysis.

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Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a form of PPC – Pay Per Click advertising, holding the most popular market share in line with Google’s dominance of the search engine marketplace.

For many small and medium sized businesses seeking an affordable online advertising solution, Google Adwords is where they start.

Google Adwords is their first choice for PPC for a number of reasons.

It’s a great flexible advertising tool whereby you the website owner can set the amount you want to pay and the scope of where you want your ads to appear and to what market.

Put simply it’s a great way to attract more customers, cheaply if necessary, or not so cheaply depending on the scale of your Adwords budget and the size of your business, whilst always being in control of your expenditure and the returns on your advertising investments.

Put simply, you are in control – costs, strategy and data.

Why A Third Party Adwords Service?

A Google Adwords campaign can be handled in-house however, many website owners choose a third party to help them manage and develop their Google Adwords campaigns for a variety of reasons.

This can be due to time, resources or in many cases because they want it handled by someone with specialist skills in terms of keyword choices, web analytics strategy and performance data analysis.

Why Google Adwords not another form of PPC?

Well, while there are other forms of PPC – Google Adwords is a popular choice offering major benefits over other PPC services.

It integrates with the Google search engine platform, commands enormous reach and offers a wide number of advertising options.

It is also integrated with other Google webmaster and online marketing data collection services and is very simple to set up, operate and start.

It can start bringing in targeted traffic to your site instantly.

How Does It Work?

Your ads appear on Google next to the search results for your keyword choices which means you attract highly relevant clicks.

You bid for the price you pay for the ads you choose which is where a certain amount of savvy and monitoring of returns, bidding choices, and keyword choices comes in, in order to maximise your Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. get the best out of the money you pay for each click through.

How Do You Monitor Success or Failure?

Click through rates are not the only thing. Are visitors engaging with your services? Do you need to try some different approaches? Maybe your site needs optimising to make better gains from your Google Adwords campaign.

That’s where we can come in.

As well as setting up Google Adwords for you we can provide the competitive intelligence led analysis and insights into your PPC performance to ensure you get the best from your Adwords programme as well as any other forms of PPC advertising you choose.

Further Benefits of Google Adwords

As an internet advertising system Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click systems are an enormous success.

Anyone clicking through to your site is a potential customer and perhaps someone who knows who you are and is proactively seeking your services.

The targeted approach of Google Adwords ensures you only ever end up paying for definite visits to your site.

Other benefits include total control over spending so it is difficult to go over budget; as well as control over keyword choice and the content of your ads.

There is a huge variety of ad formats and you can target ads for geographical locations too.

Obviously Google provides all the information you need and you can always manage your account yourself.

You can check the Google Adwords site for more info. But if you do need someone to handle your Google Adwords account, perhaps along with our other PPC and SEO services, feel free to contact the Zumm team.

Other Forms of PPC – fully integrated campaigns

Along with Google Adwords the main PPC services are provided by Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter which show ads on Yahoo! Search and Bing respectively.

These are the three biggest search engines and PPC operators and all three operate via the bidding system.

In each case, Cost Per Click (CPC) varies dependent on which search engine you use and the level of competition amongst advertisers for any given keyword.

Remember, in all cases PPC advertising can be extremely effective for your business, but if not planned professionally it can be a disappointment.

As well as Google Adwords we can develop Yahoo and Bing PPC campaigns for you too and there can be very strategic gains made with all these options.

All three major forms of PPC campaign can be successfully integrated into your internet advertising campaign, along with other forms of paid online advertising such as social media advertising and online classified advertising.

If you need any information or advice about Google Adwords or other forms of PPC management do not hesitate to contact the Zumm team.