SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting that works as hard as you

Is flat, uninspiring web copy ruining your business website?

Badly produced copywriting developed for SEO can actually drive down sales and leave expensively produced websites dangling in the doldrums.

Turning your website into something like a guest at a party who no one wants to talk to.

It’s a terrible waste. but the simple fact is that it does not matter if you have a superb web design – if your website copy does not scan well, read well, if it fails to flow and most importantly if it does not accurately describe your products and the benefits they bring to customers.

Then you are in trouble.

Fortunately we can help.

We can provide SEO copywriting which is optimised for you and your customers as well as the search engines.

Copywriting built to deliver business results

Our copywriting team can produce SEO copywriting which will sparkle for your readership as well as match your business goals.

In fact, our copywriters will amaze you with the quality of their copywriting.

Our copywriting services include:

  • Professional business copywriting designed to sell your products & services using pro-copywriting techniques from direct marketing and sales marketing experience.
  • Highly bespoke search marketing copywriting which reflects your specific business goals.
  • Copywriting for your website which is original and creative and is tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Copywriting which talks about you and what you do best, especially the benefits your products and services bring to the customer.
  • Copywriting which is focused on your customers first and foremost. Your customers always come first.
  • SEO copywriting which involves keyword research into specific, targeted, relevant web search trends for your website and business services, including customer profiles and other marketing research; as well as global search trends, local search, UK search.
  • SEO copywriting based on Google keyword analysis developed to attract greater B2B or B2C visitor numbers to your site and increase your conversion rates and ROI.
  • SEO copywriting which includes competitor research to find ways of positioning your website ahead of your competitors.
  • SEO copywriting which follows all best practice guidelines for SEO writing for the web, as laid down by Google and the other major search engines.
  • Copywriting which most importantly reads well, is client friendly and considered and is not keyword jammed or overwritten.

Our SEO copywriters include specialists in your field.

Our SEO copywriters come with extensive experience, qualifications and a proven history of helping business websites become more successful websites.

Our SEO copywriters are business copywriters who understand business.

Rest assured our copywriters can craft their copy around your unique creative, search engine marketing and business aims, at all times following direct consultation with you.

Our SEO copywriters really do mean business.

Find Out More?

Zumm’s copywriting team are experienced in your business sector and are available to work direct for you; no matter what the size or scope or your business.

They are available for:

  • One off projects or regular updates.
  • All business sectors and all types of web pages, including home pages, services pages, news articles, blog posts, corporate, company pages and more.
  • Full site revamps are a speciality; as well as complete copywriting packages for new websites.

Whatever your internet copywriting requirements our SEO copywriters are here to help.

Why not put your business website in the spotlight?