On this page we have assembled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Zumm and about Search Engine Optimisation in general.

This SEO FAQs guide is to help potential customers understand more about where we are coming from as a company, our ethos and our approach to fundamental areas of SEO.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a range of activities such as link building, content writing and technical optimisation, designed to attract more visitors and more relevant visitors to a website. It’s a way of connecting your website content with search visitors and creating the best possible user experience. Benefits can include higher website search engine rankings and better targeted traffic, which can in turn lead to more sales and enquiries.

Does SEO work?

Yes it does. If developed properly, a better quality site which is optimised for search can certainly translate into higher rankings, higher traffic, better quality site visitors and more sales, ad revenues and conversions. SEO can work for large and small businesses, non-profit organisations, freelancers, sole traders and anyone else interested in attracting targeted visitors to their site.

Can you guarantee a number one spot on Google?

We will try and it is achievable for even the most competitive search terms but in some cases you may have to be realistic. For ultra-competitive terms you may be competing with companies who are investing hundreds of thousands of pounds into SEO each year. You may also be competing with companies with years of business and online credibility behind them, which ensures they are in a very advantageous position when it comes to ranking high on Google.

Having said that we will be absolutely dedicated to achieving your aims and we can tell you we have regularly experienced the joy of achieving top spots for our clients as well as other outstanding results.

Do you manipulate the search engines?

We have no direct control over search engine policy and so again we have to point out there can be no certain outcomes when it comes to ranking benefits or attracting greater traffic from any SEO policy or work that we do.

We have no control over the search engines and do not wish to have.

In contrast our approach to SEO is based on an ethical methodology following guidelines laid down by Google and the other search engines, as well as benefiting from our wealth of training, experience and research into how users, websites and search engines interact.

When it comes to SEO the search engines are indeed the boss not the other way around.

What we aim to do is to apply best practice in order to achieve your business and online marketing goals and we follow Google’s movements and advice on matters of website optimisation very closely.

Rest assured we have a great track record in terms of SEO built on a purely ethical and straightforward approach.

Are rankings the ultimate for SEO?

It’s worth also pointing out that rankings are not the only desirable outcome when it comes to SEO.

In fact, many mature companies are now moving away from the idea of rankings as a holy grail of SEO.

While ranking are very significant in terms of generating revenue streams for websites they are only useful if they attract the right sorts of visitors.

Even when achieved, high rankings will only really transform into tangible benefits if the visitors they encourage are actually relevant, potential customers, who then go on to have a positive experience on your website.

For that to happen you need to have a quality website which is optimised correctly in terms of the layout, messages and information it contains and one that prioritises the customer experience.

That’s our approach to SEO in a nutshell.

To put it bluntly:

High rankings + wrong search visitors + terrible web design + terrible copy=no business

Our attitude to SEO is a holistic one which aims to touch on every aspect of the user experience and draw upon the highest quality standards at all times.

How will SEO work for me?

What do you want SEO to do for you?

  • Make more money.
  • Reassure your existing customers
  • Build your company into a national distribution network
  • Attract more overseas clients
  • Dominate the local search rankings
  • Have more site visitors
  • Beat your competitors

SEO can be these things and more but that depends on you. Ultimately at Zumm we build our SEO campaign to fit with your goals of where you are and where you want to be in Search Engine Marketing terms.

That’s why our bespoke keyword research and analysis is so important. You need to develop relevant rankings and targeted traffic for your unique business requirements.

Everything is in the detail with SEO and so we are interested in aspiring to defined objectives which will really help your business get to where you want to go online.

What does an average SEO campaign involve?

SEO these days means a variety of things you can do to advance your business aims by editing your website and launching a web marketing campaign.

  • Content updates
  • Html changes
  • Link building
  • Social media
  • Internet marketing
  • Tracking
  • PPC
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword strategies

Your SEO campaign may involve all or some of the above, depending on your unique requirements.

Does SEO take a long time for it to work?

While there can be amazing SEO results (rankings, traffic, etc) just from tweaking content on some sites, or minor link building efforts in many cases, the idea of the more work you put in the more work you take out is certainly true.

Whilst one off SEO services can produce great results for a website it remains a fact that a sustained SEO campaign is normally required to deliver serious SEO results.

Successful SEO has never been about quick fixes and interventions it requires a change of attitude as to what a website is for and how it interacts with visitors, the search engines and other media over the longer term.

A serious SEO campaign requires patience and a lot of input.

Do I need SEO?

Not necessarily. If you have a website that you do not want people to see, basically an intranet, or if you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your site and its search engine performance then why do you need SEO?

Most businesses and non-profit organisations are about spreading information to a wider target audience though, and so most websites unless they are already perfect in terms of search marketing can definitely benefit from SEO. To be honest the majority of websites online certainly can benefit from it.

Can I do SEO myself?

Of course you can, however be careful to follow good advice. Google is a good place to start for this. Misinterpreting the guidelines on link building, SEO copywriting and technical changes can have disastrous results. Basically SEO done incorrectly. We have seen clients buy domains to link back to their main site; thinking that this was perfectly acceptable link building policy, only to be penalised by Google.

Instead, many companies prefer to outsource their SEO campaign to organisations which have professionals who concentrate on different aspects of SEO – copywriting, web code, links, social media – and are up-to-date with what passes for good SEO as opposed to unethical seo, of the type which can get you blacklisted by Google or have a detrimental effect on rankings and site performance.

Is SEO a lot of work?

SEO includes so many different tasks and skills it can be overwhelming.

To put it even more bluntly, yes, it’s a lot of work, ideally daily work, hours of it and depending on the size of a business and its type easily capable of producing a small or even large in-house department.

There is also the fact that web design and SEO standards, search engine algorithms, social media and consumer trends are constantly changing.

As such, many companies simply do not have the resources to enlist, train or manage an in-house SEO team.

That’s why many companies realising the value of SEO prefer to hand over their SEO campaign to a third party who has all the personnel in place and can provide strategy, direction and reporting from the position of experience and specialist skills.

Many companies choose an SEO contract or an off the shelf package to make life even easier.

For any website to do its job effectively and fulfil its potential we feel it requires sustained SEO services.

Can I afford SEO?

A lack of funds is a common reason for not investing in website SEO. SEO is an ongoing commitment but it need not be too expensive. Again, affordable SEO packages are available. A cheap SEO package could involve ongoing copywriting, link building and technical improvements to start making great SEO progress for your site.

Is professional copywriting important for SEO?

Yes it is. It is vital. The whole process of web searching involves typing words into the search engines. Once people reach your site it’s also the written content that forms the messages that will decide whether you have a customer or not.

Our full-time professional writers can transform your website copy:

  • Attention grabbing copy
  • Human friendly copy
  • Sales driven copy
  • Business orientated copy
  • SEO optimised copy
  • Internet marketing copywriting

Whatever your copywriting requirements we are here to help.


This SEO FAQs guide was developed by Zumm, a company offering a fresh approach to SEO. We hope it provides a useful overview of our views on SEO.

To find out more about what we do please browse our site, including our SEO services and SEO packages pages.