Social Media Marketing

Spread your good news via the social web

Imagine a marketing company that does what it says on the tin.

One that provides you with complete solutions to assist you in the competitive race for online marketing success.

As part of our range of SEO services Zumm provides advanced social media marketing and viral marketing services from our team of dedicated social media fanatics, including bloggers, copywriters, PR gurus, link builders and multi-media creatives.

We provide social media marketing services custom built for you

If you are considering social media as a way to boost your business marketing online, reach new customers and improve the profile of your products and services, why not let our social media marketing team get involved?

Social Media Marketing that works

Our social media marketing can help provide great ROI for any type of business, including B2B as well as B2C businesses.

At Zumm we can optimise your website and business communications for social media and develop a bespoke social media marketing programme that fits in with where your business wants to go.

Marketing via the social web requires a mix of creativity, spontaneity, trends and market awareness, inspired and effective communications, long-term commitment and an interest in the mediums that make up the social web.

Benefits of our social media marketing services:

  • Creates social buzz
  • Generates cost-effective marketing
  • Legitimises products & services
  • Improves branding
  • Reaches new target audiences
  • Increases web traffic & rankings

We produce high quality copywriting, article marketing, digital content, video content; as well as forum postings, blog development and blog comments. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or other social networking involvements, we can work with the whole spectrum of web social media outlets there are to choose from.

What is Social Media Marketing?

At its simplest social media marketing is about encouraging beneficial conversations about your products or services, or even about individuals or businesses, via the different types of social media options available online.

The social web, or Web 2.0 as it has been called, has incredible potential for cost-effective ROI if social media marketing is done correctly.

Our approach can be three fold:

  • Optimise your site with social media friendly features including bookmarking buttons, blog, video marketing, feedback and other interactive opportunities.
  • Offer social media marketing engagement services, including Twitter and Facebook set up and management, that can be highly tailored to your sector, customer profile, branding and commercial requirements.
  • Provide SEO friendly keyword orientated social media marketing – i.e. social media comments and articles to boost link building, site optimisation, traffic and rankings.

Our social media marketing services can also be integrated as part of a wider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy:

  • Full Results Driven Website SEO – SEO content overhaul, link building, improved site structure, design & navigation.
  • Paid Search & Internet Marketing – PPC & direct marketing services.
  • Performance Analysis & Reports – Google Analytics, PPC Analysis.
  • Internet Marketing & Online PR – advertising & press campaigns.
  • Digital Media Services – digital media creation & distribution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services, including any questions about how Social Media Marketing could work for you.