Twitter Marketing

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Twitter marketing is an opportunity to reach out to potential customers in an innovative way, harnessing the potential of this popular social media network.

Why Twitter marketing?

Twitter has rapidly become something much bigger than its developers ever imagined, and is now one of the publishing phenomenons of its age. As well as escapist chatter it is used by A-list celebrities to engage with their fanbases; as well as by undercover journalists, democracy campaigners, business leaders and politicians to reveal the most staggering and sought after facts and information to the world.

Unsurprisingly, since Twitter launched in 2006 and especially since Twitter started to gather momentum in 2007, many business have realised that Twitter has the ability to gain incredible marketing power for their products, brands and services.

Twitter has been described as the equivalent of mobile text messaging for the internet. Those that use it love it. They love to tweet and follow others’ tweets.

It is now estimated to have more than 600 million users and it generates millions of search engine queries every week.

The numbers of Twitter users increase in their hundreds of thousands every day.

About Twitter

Twitter started as a fun social networking site, the name itself ‘Twitter’ representing an idea for people to have “short bursts” of “inconsequential”, open ended conversation online, as the producers put it, an online micro-blogging programme focusing on short exchanges of the type which were already being seen in the blogosphere.

The name Twitter was the ideal name for this online project, derived from the term for bird song or chatter and the bursts of communications published on Twitter became known as ‘tweets’.

However, Twitter quickly became an essential medium for a variety of communications purposes, including corporate and business marketing.

Zumm – Our approach

At Zumm we like Twitter for the benefits it can bring to our customers, in terms of how they can communicate better with their existing customers, extend their customer base; receive feedback, develop product and branding integrity, achieve higher business website traffic and reach higher sales & conversions.

While much of the workshop based Twitter marketing advice tends to offer up Twitter and other forms of social media marketing as a magic bullet to transform businesses, at Zumm we like to feel we understand the potential of Twitter in a business marketing concept not just as a crude tool to advertise wares but as a way of truly extending the reach of a business in an open and honest way.

By being transparent and showcasing what you do on Twitter and engaging in real and non-spin related exchanges with your Twitter community: customers, observers, friends, affiliates and colleagues – you not only take advantage of the potential to reach new customers and sell what you do but you also have the opportunity to receive feedback and experience genuine customer engagement.

Allowing you the opportunity to develop your marketing awareness, learn from relevant communications and improve what you do.

All in all a positive cycle that can lead to real, long-term benefits for your company.

Twitter marketing:

  • Speak
  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Benefit
  • Improve

= improved product awareness, improved products and customer experience, new customers, higher online visibility, improved branding and credibility.

Twitter users:

  • Hold personal conversations
  • Discuss products & news
  • Recommend businesses & services
  • Link to blogs & websites
  • Link to images & written content

We would like to help you

At Zumm our Twitter marketing strategy is all about learning what you want to achieve as a business and advising you on the best way forward to ensure you achieve your aims.

We see Twitter marketing as just one aspect of social media optimisation, which in turn can be combined with wider Search Engine Marketing strategies.

We will be delighted to provide a Twitter marketing package that suits your budget, as a standalone Twitter social media marketing campaign or one that fits in with other social media marketing or Search Engine Marketing services that are required.

Find out more.

Effective Twitter marketing is a long-term strategy that takes time and effort but with a strategic and genuine approach based on real insight it can achieve plenty.

Twitter marketing can go a long way to helping you achieve your social media marketing goals.