Video Production

Make an impact with high quality video production




It’s incredible how much video has developed in the last three decades – from VHS, DVD, BluRay to HD Digital Downloads. The digital development has not only decreased production time, but allowed projects to be developed with more creative freedom and high quality production qualities.

At Zumm, we can develop creative video production and motion graphics to suit your exact needs. Like all projects we deliver, the creative idea is fundamental to the solution produced.

We can handle all the elements from storyboarding, filming and editing through to post production and delivery. No stone is left unturned in the goal of quality and results.

Explainer Videos

These are the short animated videos that ‘explain’ your product or service found on websites or YouTube. They often have illustrated characters that help demonstrate a process more effectively.

We have produced many Explainer Videos and together with our web development and marketing skills, know the best methods and processes to make the most impact.

Inspired Video Production

Contact our video production team to discuss your video project, and see how we can make a difference to your marketing goals.