Interactive Design

We are the robots

Interactive design has evolved a lot over the last through years, with the major development occurring when Apple pulled the rug under Flash development. HMTL5 and Javascript are now the de facto options for development rich, interactive, ‘flash’ type experiences online – although Flash is still a useful option for offline projects.

Interactive design engages the audience by using a combination of animation, motion graphics and video production, and allows them to choose their path through the application – albeit through a carefully crafted route with targeted messages along the way.

In its essence, interactive design refers to how users interact with digital tools, and the design used to enhance the experience.

It encourages customers to revisit your website and pass the link onto colleagues or friends, all helping to spread the word about your business as part of viral marketing.

Interactive design elements are fundamental to most digital applications and helps make a memorable impression on your customers, by involving them into your design.