Web Redesign

Improve, enhance, tweak, develop or elevate your current site…

Websites can be the first impression of your business for many potential clients and it should represent what your company stands for today. It can be easy for a website to look tired and outdated if it hasn’t been touched for years. Online technology develops at a fast pace, so the tools of a few years ago have been superceded.

A website redesign can be one of the easiest ways to give your company a fresh appearance and create the right image. For us, the process is similar to starting a web design from scratch, as we need to understand the brief, and review how your competitors are presenting themselves. After consultation we will provide you with different web design concepts and will make amends until you are happy with the finished design.

We can help your new re-designed site rank higher using search engine optimisation. Whether your content needs to be re-worded or your keywords updated, we can provide a review of your website and a strategy to help improve it. If your site is already ranked highly on the search engines but could still do with being modernised, we can keep the aspects of the site which are making your site rank well.

Whichever approach we take, we can help improve your current site and move your business forward.

Website Review

A web re-design is the perfect time to review how the whole site is working, looking at the functionality, if the navigation could work better, or if any areas of the business need to be highlighted within the site.

If you have been reviewing your site and feel your competitors’ sites work better, it might be time to have a re-design. Our experience in developing award winning websites will enable us to re-design your site and position it at the top of your market.

We can look at your whole company branding when we start a re-design, as it might be the right opportunity to create a fresh logo design, change the company colours and develop a new marketing strategy.